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In less than a week I shall be leaving to spend a month back in my hometown, then a month travelling then another month home before finally returning to Rome in October. Most of my classmates have already left to wherever life called them, but since I still have tonight I leave you all with something I don’t usually write about but that is very important to me – music.

Since I will be posting only around once or twice a week in the upcoming months, I thought it was only fair of me to leave you with a few songs for the Summer (or to be honest, all seasons, since these are songs and artists that I absolutely love and listen to all-year round).

  • Rufus Wainwright – Perfect Man ; The Art Teacher ; This Love Affair
  • Marina and the Diamonds – Girls ; Homewrecker ; Lonely Heart Club ; Oh No! ; Starring Role
  • Amatorski – My Favourite Work of Art ; Soldier
  • Delphic – Acolyte ; Submission
  • M.I.A. – Paper Planes ; Bad Girls
  • Starfucker – Born
  • Alpine – Hands
  • Cults – Go Outside
  • Miami Horror – Holidays ; Moon Theory
  • Diane Birch – Magic View ; Photograph
  • Spark – Crave
  • Ghostland Observatory – Holy Ghost White Noise ;
  • IAMX – Music People ; I for an I ; Nature of Inviting
  • Midnight Juggernauts – Into the Galaxy
  • Justice – Civilization ; Horsepower ; D.A.N.C.E. ; DVNO
  • Kids of 88 – My House

I leave you with the Grooveshark links of some of the songs in the playlist to give you a taste of what I’m asking you to listen to (and what my taste is mostly like). This way you can listen for free and see if it tickles your fancy.

Rufus Wainwright – Perfect Man

Marina and the Diamonds – Oh No!

Amatorski – My Favourite Work of Art

Delphic – Submission

And here are some of my favourite music videos out of the songs on that list. With this I bid you all farewell. I’ll keep you posted on news that I come across but this post marks the beginning of summer… so enjoy the sun!

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24-year-old Portuguese girl. Bilingual English, fluent in Italian. BA in Fashion Communication. MUA with a proper diploma! MA Creative Media student. Globetrotter and shopaholic, can't seem to be able throw away menswear magazines. Has a serious mental problem when it comes to buying photography books and is working towards being a part of the fashion industry.

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