The Asia Trip Continues On

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I am writing to you all from The Datai, a lovely resort in Langkawi. I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve had no time to research interesting art or to buy magazines (this is causing me great pain as everyone else has probably seen the F/W Prada Menswear ads in print except for me) so I was planning on waiting until I arrive back in Lisbon in September… but I thought a little update was in order.

This month I completed a lifetime goal – to walk on the Great Wall of China. It’s a lot more imposing than you’d believe from the postcards and TV documentaries and it does indeed make you feel incredibly small. We had a wonderful day with a misty horizon of mountains and very clean, fresh air as in contrast to the polluted atmosphere of Beijing. It was exceptionally exciting to know that you were standing right on the border between China and Mongolia and that big black bears were stealthily roaming about.


I had a wonderful but short time in Kuala Lumpur after a lazy week by the beach in Terengganu. Kuala Lumpur is absolutely amazing – the best way to describe it is imagining if you stepped into your TV while watching “Blade Runner”. No sidewalks, just tall, towering modern buildings in every corner, gigantic malls connected by underground and overhead walkways, flashing lights in bright colours, a monorail criss-crossing the entire city while palm trees and tropical plants sprout from any possible hole. It’s absolutely breahtaking – as if New York was left abandoned for 200 years and suddenly reclaimed by humans sometime in 2025.

I am rushing to go and have dinner right now but I assure you I will find time this week to post a few photos. I finally have my Canon 5D Mark III so if you are in Italy and are interested in being photographed sometime in October, let me know!

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