Hermès & Olivia Bee

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Art / Fashion / Inspiration

18-year-old photographer and blogger Olivia Bee has an amazing creative soul. Browsing through her work is like watching a fairytale happen right before your eyes. Her photos are something like old-time fables but with a modern, fresh and sometimes irreverent charm. Forest lights, tousled pink hair, babydoll dresses, balloons and an eerie, dreamy quality that both detaches you from reality and sends you right into an innocent girl’s mind. Olivia Bee has developed her own fairytales and her own symbology to approach the real world, and it’s this cotton-candy-surrealism that I can only compare to a rougher Tim Walker that caught the attention of french luxury brand Hermès. 


This video, made in the course and in representation of her work for the brand, is Olivia’s vision in motion, with the photographer starring as the pink-haired protagonist in this modern fairytale love. The brand enlisted the young talent to work in the creation of the Fall/Winter 2012 edition of the brand’s in-house publication, Le Monde d’Hermès. You can pick up your copy at your local Hermès store, but meanwhile, check out Olivia’s official website.


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