What’s In Your Bag?

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No, this isn’t an excuse to show off my new acquisition aka my dream-bag of several months now (thanks mom!) – today, I’m here to talk about staple items. The stuff you can never leave home without.


I’m the kind of girl who changes bags all the time. Out of all the bags I own, there’s about three – now four – that I go back and forth between. That would be a caramel Miu Miu satchel (for shopping sprees, tiny and handy), my big black Alexander McQueen tote (my life fits in there), a black Givenchy Antigona (ditto, except this one comes with a long love story attached, lung-emptying sighs and loving strokes that make me seem like a weirdo in public) and now a nude Givenchy Nightingale bag (the passionate love affair going on behind the Antigona’s back).

The chosen one (cue epic music) will vary according to several factors – the purpose of the day, how long I’m going to be out, if the laptop is going or not, and, of course, what I’m wearing. I used to take ages to switch things from one bag to another in the morning and something always got left behind (needless to say I’m the queen of losing things or leaving them somewhere), but recently this has… well, not ceased, but definitely doesn’t happen as often.

I suppose that over time I’ve assembled a small collection of staple items. Some of you probably have a make-up bag (which is the clean and neat way to do it and I should follow in your footsteps), but I have everything scattered in the little side-pouch of whatever bag I’m using – yes, that tiny zippered pocket.

  • Laura Mercier Almond & Coconut Hand Cream (small and smells wonderful
  • Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir cologne (the 30ml version, as I said in another post, is the perfect size to carry around with you all day)
  • NARS lipgloss in Orgasm (looks good with whatever insane colour of eyeshadow you’re wearing)
  • SUGAR lip treatment balm (best lip balm I’ve ever used, even my dad bought one; sadly I can’t find it here, but in the US they’re available in a variety of flavours)
  • Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder in Real Sand (I have an oily T-zone and it’s perfect for touch-ups, but should be used with a sponge since it makes a huge mess with a brush)
  • Mulberry wallet (beaten, bruised and not even a year old yet – also, does not go in the side pocket or said side pocket would explode pretty quickly)
  • Alexander McQueen cardholder (for business cards, you never know!)
  • iPod classic and headphones (don’t we all)
  • Campo Marzio pen (it’s heavy, writes wonderfully and is an absolutely gorgeous pearly-white as you can see in the picture)

Not included on the list are ridiculously obvious things like my cell phone and a bottle of water – and if you don’t carry a bottle of water around with you, shame on you! It’s important to drink water and stay hydrated and no, Coke Zero isn’t a proper substitute (well, not for the whole day at least). There’s usually also a cereal bar or two in there, or there should be, but as I said before I’m rather forgetful and end up getting them from the machine at University, and if I’m wearing a particular shade of lipstick that day that I know will wear off, I take it with me for the day. There’s also a chance of me carrying my tiny little Kobo ebook reader around to catch up on my Lovecraft when I have a break, but I usually leave it on my bedside table, especially since it’s so hard to read from that stupid screen (no backlight and not a very good book selection).

15″ Apple Macbook and charger on schooldays. I refuse to get a laptop bag, I’m sorry. I have my girly-girl dignity to watch over, and I’d rather be uncomfortable and have to carry the laptop under my arm in a crowded bus (but with the Nightingale and the McQueen tote it’s not usually a problem).

So (since I’m trying to be interactive now) this is when I ask you if you have any staple items that you always carry around and, if so, give me a list! I was always that girl in school that asked to rummage through everyone’s bags to see what they carry around, so I guess this is the online version of that. Bare your souls to me… or, well, open up your bags. It’s pretty much the same thing.

The Author

24-year-old Portuguese girl. Bilingual English, fluent in Italian. BA in Fashion Communication. MUA with a proper diploma! MA Creative Media student. Globetrotter and shopaholic, can't seem to be able throw away menswear magazines. Has a serious mental problem when it comes to buying photography books and is working towards being a part of the fashion industry.


  1. My laptop usually XD Often times with my Wacom tablet and pen and portable hard drive. My phone if it’s not in my pocket. My wallet, a few pencils and pens, mace, pocket pack of tissues, sometimes one of my numerous Hawkeyes, and a small notepad or sketchbook for doodling. Sometimes a book, too.


    • I was reading through the list and thinking “oh cool an artist AND likes comics” then I read ‘mace’. Well, more power to you! I guess I have to stab people with an expensive pen if I’m ever attacked…


      • My mom insisted once I moved to Philadelphia for school, so I just keep it in there just in case. I’m more likely to try and hit someone with the bag itself, to be honest XD


  2. kindle, blush, powder, whatever lipstick/lipstain/lipgloss i’m using that day, blotting paper, wallet, keys, my meds, tissues, aspirine, tampons… then i have a planner, my journal, hand creme and sharpies! oh, and a couple of tote bags. depending on where i’m going/what i have to do, my laptop. basically i can never find anything in that mess.


  3. Easy … phone, money, oyster card, diary, pens, kindle and if I wear lipstick that day, that lipstick. All. :o) I don’t count as a woman do I?


    • Why wouldn’t you count as a woman? The only difference is that you’re not obsessed with carrying around hand cream to the point all your classmates automatically ASSUME you have it with you every day and when they need it, they go “Hey can I borrow your hand cream”.
      Where was I again.


  4. Great post!
    I think the essentials for every girls bag are:
    A makeup bag with lip balm, blusher, concealer and power in it, just in case!
    Hand cream
    Pain killers
    And a hair brush



  5. Wallet, iPhone, two pairs of headphones (yeah, I have a problem), keys, sunglasses, make-up, hair brush, gloves (sometime two pairs…Just checked and I have 3 pairs currently 0.0!… I live in Canada, ok!), scarf, hat, journal, pencilcase, teas, oatmeal, extra jewelry, perfume, Kleenex, band-aids, book….Sometimes I carry a sewing kit and a lint-roller. I blame my stylist nature for it!… So yeah I’m not sure if I have a bag or a I’m caring my “in case of a natural disaster” kit…


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