Camo For The Gentleman, Please.

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It seems like military chic isn’t limited to womenswear or double-breasted coats.


For its Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Amsterdam-born Suitsupply decided to unite their sartorial expertise with street style trends – mainly, camo. Always willing to up their game, while finishing last year’s F/W collection, Suitsupply asked their customers via several social networks what they’d like to see on their spring line. Over the course of a few months, they narrowed down the responses to a few key trends that were then incorporated into the collection.

It’s not just any kind of army-inspired threads, though. Those of you aware of Suitsupply’s style will probably have found it odd to see the brand name attached to such a rough-and-tumble trend. Instead of picking it up as a total look (e.g. voluminous, pocket-covered jackets in green camo print), the brand took inspiration from the trench lines and translated it into subtle, wearable, elegant garments.


Definitely not what you’d expect from such a trend, wartime gear inspires a hyper-chic look for the Suitsupply man instead of assaulting you with the traditional jungle camouflage print – been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (literally).

Instead, it’s attention to detail that brings the collection closer to the front lines: textures, colours, neatly folded pocket squares in subdued forest greens and barely-there greys. Trousers with a classic cut for example, are joined by safari-esque blazers, while suits in more formal silhouettes are presented in muted tones of khaki, grey and beige. Camouflage-appropriate colours and neatly cut utility jackets are paired with braided leather belts, plaid or dotted ties and denim shirts, harmoniously united by Suitsupply’s superbly elegant cut.


Part Out of Africa, part Great Gatsby, it’s a Robert Redford street style adaptation for the man about town. For those wishing to go a step further, there’s even some camo shoes; if you’re sticking to the gentleman look, however, grab one of their gorgeous pashminas (the green one is a favourite) and you’re good to go.

(pictures via GQ Online)

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