CLOUDS – IED Roma Graduate Show

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It would be the understatement of the year to say that time really does fly. From January to June, six months felt like six weeks and February seems like yesterday. But this is it – my second year is over, Summer is upon us and I’m already being asked to think about my graduation thesis. If it had been anywhere else, time would have been painfully dragging me behind itself, but here it’s as if I’ve just arrived, fresh from my parents’ home, with no idea of what it’s like to be alone or how to properly wash my own clothes without shrinking them.

The reality settles in a specially dramatic way when you see people whom you’ve befriended and talked to regularly for two years struggling to put on their own graduate show – and you realize it’s going to be you next year. You sit there, on a chair half-hidden behind a spotlight, surrounded by teachers who barely remember you and a cast of industry powerhouses that you probably would never have even seen in the flesh, had you chosen a different lifestyle. For a few hours, you are completely invisible, and the attention on the graduates is amplified ten-fold. 

Teachers and thesis counsellors run around to heads of marketing agencies and fashion houses, pitching their students to them, telling them about their work. It’s no wonder the IED is known for turning creative minds into professionals and finding them work placements – between Silvia Venturini Fendi and Romeo Gigli sitting in front of me, talking cheerfully, the cloud of glamour and social pressure almost makes the air heavier.

Congratulations to all the graduates from the IED Moda Roma, class of 2013. You will shine bright one day, maybe even tomorrow, and doors will open for you wherever you go.

Disclaimer: Sorry if the angle of the pictures is terrible, I was sitting behind a spotlight and this is the best I could manage without a Press Pass or anything that would give me the privilege of a good angle. Again, I took these pictures for my own personal use on this blog, for the purpose of sharing them with all of you.

The Author

24-year-old Portuguese girl. Bilingual English, fluent in Italian. BA in Fashion Communication. MUA with a proper diploma! MA Creative Media student. Globetrotter and shopaholic, can't seem to be able throw away menswear magazines. Has a serious mental problem when it comes to buying photography books and is working towards being a part of the fashion industry.

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