A Summer Feeling

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Photography / Travels

These were taken a little before Summer hit Italy at its full force, though the colours of this particular film (a Fuji Velvia 160 if I’m not mistaken) are so warm and cosy it really makes me think of late July afternoons. Though it’s obviously 2015, I’ve been commenting on how these photographs look “straight out of the ’70s” and, fair enough, the print shop’s scanner seems to agree with me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 16.44.04

I love this roll of film quite a lot. It was the first roll I finished in a long hiatus period (that is still ongoing, this one trip was the exception to the rule). I had, and have, been feeling stuck in a massive creative rut and my boyfriend and his parents kindly decided to take me along with them on a field day to Porto Recanati, a beautiful seaside town. I was happy enough just to have an opportunity to use my camera (the last one had been when my mother had visited and I used up two whole rolls of film at Ostia Antica – click here to see our adventures) but the results were surprisingly positive. I usually shoot a lot in black and white, mainly because I love playing with light, contrast and texture, which black and white forces you to do since there’s no colour to help make the picture interesting. But when shooting a place I’ve never been to, I’m always torn between my fancy-pansy “artistic” side and my “oh but I want proper pictures to keep as memories” side. Thanks partly to the beautiful lighting and the loveliness of this type of film (remind me to replace my Kodak Portras with Fuji Velvias), I was able to attain both.

I’m particularly fond of the portraits, for obvious reasons, but my favourite one except for those would be of the rusty bicycle abandoned in the middle of the sand. It’s so nostalgic and kind of sad; it doesn’t particularly bring back any memories but it makes you (me, at least) start thinking about the past. You know, it’s one of those pictures.

I hope you liked this! And whether you did or you didn’t I’d love to read your feedback in the comments. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram and also click that little like button on the Facebook page for the blog. All attention is appreciated, even negative – if that’s your opinion, who am I to go against it?

Remember to enjoy the rest of August, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, before the Fall weather is upon us.

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