The Last Dance

My last long lonely walk around Rome on a hot Summer day. I finally got the courage to walk all the way up to the Giardino degli Aranci (where I didn’t see any oranges) and that one magnificent church overlooking Testaccio. Sadly I couldn’t go in – there were two weddings going on at the same time – but just the atmosphere of being so high atop a hill that I had looked up at from below every day for three years was completely worth the hike. I remember feeling very sad that day (I don’t particularly remember why) so I sat down on a bench in the garden, drawing. I took a photograph of the view from above with my phone:


I don’t want to go on about it. These are officially my last pictures of Rome for a year or two (except for some old film that I found and will probably publish in a couple of weeks when I’m feeling homesick). A new adventure awaits me – away from home and the love of my life – and I have to seize it with courage, an open mind and a willing heart. I will be back one day, so it’s not goodbye. Just see you later.

Thank you, Rome.

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