Silver Oceans

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Photography / Travels

The yearly exotic travel destination for the Summer of 2014 were the Philippines. It was probably one of the most tranquil and uneventful trips I’ve ever done with my family, since it was shorter than usual and my parents decided to stick to the beach and avoid cities. We did visit Manila for a couple of days, but that will be up on another post. Today, I’m focusing on the beautiful landscapes, rocky silhouettes and vast expanses of liquid silver seas that surrounded us for most of the time.

Considering this was one year ago, I don’t remember what kind of film I used but the camera was either the Canon T50 or the AE-1. Since they’re brighter and sharper than usual, I’m going to guess the T50 and probably a higher ISO film like 200-400.

Let me know if you like these photographs. I’m quite fond of a lot of them and the only reason I didn’t post them before was because I had lost the CDs with the scans and only had the negatives and printed photographs on me for an entire year. As you do with these kinds of things, I rediscovered them hiding in a box of postcards while moving out of my apartment last week.


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