Égotique x MYZAR

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When I went back to Rome recently I had the opportunity to photograph some amazing jewellery pieces by Egotique for MYZAR Concept Store. A lot of colour-correction and lighting adjustments (mostly white balance, brightness and contrast) had to be done in post-production because since it was mostly a leisure trip to spend a nice, relaxing weekend with my boyfriend, I didn’t take any lighting with me. I had agreed to help out with work though and both the brand and the store manager were expecting the photos, so I was happy to get some portfolio work done!

I’ve already uploaded this project on my Behance portfolio so go follow me there!

Don’t forget to like MYZAR on Facebook and like Egotique on Facebook as well. Now more than ever we should support smaller brands and emerging talents, if not through buying at least through sharing the love.

Égotique defines itself as “italian couture jewellery”. This collection is characterised by the juxtaposition of minimal, clean geometric forms with classic jewel-toned hues of crimson and electric blue in marbled and multidimensional textures with accents of gold hardware. It has a very chic, retro, art deco vibe that is simultaneously on-trend and timeless.

MYZAR is a concept store in Via Giulia, right in the heart of Rome, offering the best and brightest in emerging talents when it comes to fashion, accessories, design and even magazines. It is an elegant but vibrant venue that pairs a friendly attitude with a classic-but-edgy taste, presenting a very curated selection of things that won’t find anywhere else. Learn more about MYZAR here.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III

Edited on Photoshop CS5 on a MacBook Pro 15″.


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