Paris #4 – Doors, Statues and Points of View

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Photography / Travels

Another random-looking but carefully picked set of pictures from Paris – two more posts to go, focusing on streets and architecture!

Which picture is your favourite? Mine, obviously, is Gabri brandishing his camera, but the ice-cream man, the couple in front of “Les Ecuries de Josephine” and the goats at the Jardin des Tuilleries (can ANYONE tell me why they’re there?) come in at a close second.

Also, the gate with the golden details really looks like a face with a curly moustache! Isn’t that funny?

I don’t remember what kind of film I used, but the camera was my trusty Canon AE-1.

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If you’re wondering when I’ll stop posting pictures of Paris… it’ll probably be a total of 6 posts, one focusing on cityscapes and another one on architecture, bridges and buildings in general.

In the meantime, I have a roll of film of Brighton and London photographs in the shop, which should be ready to pick up next Friday.

I’ve address the Paris attacks of November 13th on my previous Paris photography post and I don’t plan on addressing it again for reasons stated in that post. Let’s all stay hopeful and look towards a brighter, stronger future together.


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