Midnight Magic

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A couple of shots I got developed last-minute from my Paris trip that I couldn’t include in previous posts and thought deserved their own special moment.

On our last night we wanted to return to a wonderful restaurant where we’d eaten the most amazing food all week (Le Bistrot de l’Universite, thank you Stuart for the tip)- so we’d end the trip on the highest gastro-note possible. Unfortunately, it was closed; our second option was also closed. And it started raining.

So Gabri had the brilliant idea of asking for some information from this nice man who was just closing up his shoe shop. He had a twirly moustache, checkered trousers and tiny round glasses and smiled at us with such genuine kindness I immediately felt revitalised. He invited us into his store to keep us out of the rain, introduced us to his wife, and after we asked him if we knew where we could eat nearby he proceeded to have a lengthy conversation with his wife, bouncing ideas back and forth about which places had the best wine, the best prices, the best mood. Eventually they decided on a place called Cafe de Paris, where apparently Serge Gainsbourg goes to get his dinner quite often.

The lady led us through the labyrinthine streets of Paris under the cold rain, asked for the restaurant owner whom she greeted with a kiss and a hug and then told him something about getting us a table. It was a full house, but he seemed happy to oblige for his friend, as soon as we were seated she completely vanished.

It was definitely one of the best meals of my life, but the best part was the memory and the experience of being treated so kindly and generously by complete strangers who didn’t even hang around for me to thank them.

The shot of the Cafe de Paris is also one of my favourites of the entire trip and I was so happy to see it there on the last roll of film. Every time I look at it, not only does it bring back amazing memories but serves as a reminder of the good in people.




    • You precious cinnamon roll :,) I’m so glad you like them! Every time I get a positive comment on photos it makes me so so happy.


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