Digital Diaries | Brighton in August

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The gorgeous Brighton train station.

I thought I’d start a new series for all the instant, not-very-well-thought-out snapshots that I take with my tiny little (and not very powerful) pocket camera. I have a little Lumix that I carry with me literally everywhere – even when I’m out shopping – because I am a firm believer in capturing moments. I know nowadays you can do everything with a smartphone, but it’s so much easier for me to organise everything into neat little folders in my computer than albums on my phone. I’m also more likely to use them in a blog post than leave them to die in my phone storage.

The ‘Digital Diaries’ series will be very touristy and not so artistic, unlike my analog travel photography posts. They’re more about capturing moments than beauty, and more about the instant than a lasting image. I also have a lot of them from Paris that I will be splitting into two posts.

In August I visited Brighton for the first time to go flat hunting. These photographs, although quite banal and touristic, show my first impressions of this city and the things that first caught my attention. It was very sunny but not warm and for most of the week I was all alone, but the sea made me feel right at home.


A door and its evil twin in Hove.



The famous little coloured houses along the shore in Hove.


The original Boss Lady herself!


Steven SeaGULL. Get it? Sorry. If looks could kill, though.


We’re all sick of the Brighton Pier in pictures by now but it’s still so stinkin’ pretty.


The shoreline and the Brighton ferris wheel seen from a long way down the pier boardwalk.



Some crazy people on a crazy ride that I would never go on. There was a lot of screaming.

Lots of brownie points to all the people genuinely wearing bathing suits at the beach. It was 18ºC.

Let me know what you think of this new series and if I should keep it!



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24-year-old Portuguese girl. Bilingual English, fluent in Italian. BA in Fashion Communication. MUA with a proper diploma! MA Creative Media student. Globetrotter and shopaholic, can't seem to be able throw away menswear magazines. Has a serious mental problem when it comes to buying photography books and is working towards being a part of the fashion industry.

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