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For my second post in the Digital Diaries series, I have quite a few pictures of Paris, so I decided to split them into Cityscapes and close-up shots. I have posted a lot of 35mm film photographs of my September vacation in Paris with Gabriele on my Travels category which are far, far prettier but, as I said in yesterday’s post, the Digital Diaries posts will be mainly about quick, of-the-moment snapshots rather than beautiful images. Just things that caught my attention or that I wanted to remember or that I knew I couldn’t photograph with film (such as the city at night, since I was using low ISO film as usual, and the inside of Notre Dame).



A long corridor of archways surrounding the Louvre



Could not get enough of taking pictures of the Seine. The water was so clean, the weather so crisp, the sky so blue and the silhouette of the city always stood out.



The towering arched ceiling of the main nave of Notre Dame



Crossing the bridge around Saint Germain at night



The Musée D’Orsay from across the river



Inside the beautiful industrial steel walkways of the Musée D’Orsay


The D’Orsay is officially one of my favourite museums in the world.


The view from the Centre Pompidou, the only day when it properly rained. The city skyline looked absolutely beautiful from how high up we were and the view alone is totally worth visiting the museum.

We had an amazing time there. We laughed a lot and walked a lot and we were extremely lucky with the amount of sunshine – we even spent an entire afternoon lounging at the Jardin de Tuileries, where they had goats eating the weeds off the grass. There will be another post coming soon with all the funky details and close-up shots so stay tuned for that! And give me some feedback on this new Travels series, if you have two seconds to spare.


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