First Video | Thank you + Giveaway Winner!

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As you must be aware by now, the lip product giveaway I was hosting ended yesterday. But the reason it took me so long to announce it was because I was planning on doing this special thing. You see, when I said I wanted to start making videos, I wasn’t joking! Now bear with me – I edited this in an hour on iMovie because this laptop does not have Premiere on it and I wanted to put this up quickly.

Watch this video to find out who won! And if it wasn’t you, don’t feel disheartened – I will be running a giveaway a month for the entirety of this year, so just keep checking back.

Also, please contribute to the Facebook page, we’re almost at 600 likes!



  1. Diana says

    Wohooo congrats bby for the followers and hell yeah, you did amazing <3 SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU !


  2. I loved your video, for a laptoplace camera and sound and so on it did turn out really well.
    Maybe the glare from your glasses can be fixed by placement of light.
    But congrats to your friend!
    You’re so cute!


    • Actually it’s a Canon5D because I work as a photographer :) but thank you very much! Yeah I don’t plan on wearing my glasses often 😂


  3. <3 Still can't believe my luck!

    Was wondering about your cam. The image's too good for a laptop one. I'm considering doing video too, but all I have is a 1200D. Not sure it'll fare well. Will test soon. Maybe in my PJs too! Hey, you'll prolly start a trend! :D


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