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While I’ve been away I’ve been silently mulling over an idea. I see so many collaboration requests on work forums and blogger Facebook groups, but it’s usually commercially inclined or based on a “like for like, follow for follow” basis. I want my follower count to go up organically, not because I liked someone’s holistic yoga page or gave their homemade soaps a shout-out on an Instagram picture!

One of my goals for 2016 was to create more content and also to network efficiently. And by efficiently I mean meeting people to collaborate with. I think it’s very important for any creative to keep an open mind and work with as many people as possible. Learning from others is one of the greatest gifts the Internet has given us (unless you’re a Trump advocate, then please close this tab) and having blogs and social network accounts is an amazing way to find people to create with. And that is exactly what I’m trying to do!

This is an official call to any model, makeup artist, stylist, photographer, writer, blogger.

Anyone who wants to be photographed, filmed, or who would just want to sit down for a while and get a complete makeup makeover and a hot cup of tea.

I’m looking for not just content creators but people that I can feature on my blog and YouTube channel. I’m looking to film or photograph makeovers, create photoshoots from scratch, film any kind of video together. I’m looking for people willing to either model for me or, if you’re a content creator, create with me!

And no, I’m not looking for professional models or ‘magazine cover’ type of people. I’m looking for all kinds of people – you, me, the girl next door, the Starbucks barista, the Urban Outfitters cashier – because that is what beauty is all about. Beauty is in self-expression and diversity!

So if you:

  • Want nice pictures of yourself
  • Are looking for a makeup artist/photographer to work with
  • Would like to get a makeover
  • Would like to have fun and create something together
  • Are in the London/Brighton area, sometimes Lisbon or Rome (though I’m open to travelling!)
  • Any standard of beauty, age range, body type, etc.

To see what I am all about, in case you don’t trust me, just click the little ‘Photography’ or ‘Portfolio‘ links in the category above. If you’re lazy, you can click here for my Behance portfolio!

Leave a comment below or just e-mail me directly if you are interested; you don’t pay anything, you get all the photos/videos and there’s an off chance I might make you brownies!

If you are not interested in any of this yourself – out of shyness or maybe thinking I could be a psycho serial killer – please share this post or any of its social media equivalents to help me on my quest to find new faces and minds to work with. We can become the next creative powerhouse, you never know!

In the next couple of days I will be promoting this post like crazy, so expect to see it a lot on all my social media accounts (I’m warning you so you don’t unfollow me).

I’m looking forward to a new year, new friends and a lot of shiny, new content!


Image above:

Photo/MakeUp: Me

Model: my gorgeous friend Tanya, with whom I’ve done two photoshoots: one in Lisbon and one in Rome!

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