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I finally – finally – managed to get this up! You guys have no idea the issues we had with this.

This is my first makeover of a series I’m hoping to do if I rope in enough friends/guinea pigs, featuring my good friend Caterina of She’s never been into makeup, so I thought I’d do an easy, everyday look on her and walk her through all the steps. Today she even asked me to accompany her to Boots and Superdrug to get some drugstore equivalents of all the products I used and I was thrilled she’d liked the look so much! (Click on the post title to continue reading – there’s a full product list with links to where you can purchase them and some drugstore alternatives)
First of all, the backdrop support was missing a piece so we had to find a decent background in my house that wouldn’t be too confusing. Then, the camera stopped filming without us noticing and we lost the whole light foundation + under-eye correcting techniques using the orange colour corrector!

Then, while I was editing, my computer crashed and when I went to finish editing Premiere had exported it as a single sequence file and I couldn’t move things around anymore. That’s why the sound level is a bit off.

The actual products I used are listed below and linked to where you can purchase them online. I highly recommend Space.NK and CultBeauty since they have a lot of cult brands and ship anywhere in the world.

Requirements were:

  • No heavy foundation
  • Colour-correcting the redness on her skin and under-eye circles without a lot of concealer

This is a very natural, bronze/gold eye look with light coverage that she can wear every day by going with just one eyeshadow instead of all the ones I used.





Affordable colour correction options:

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  1. Rosa Maria Marques says

    Gostei imenso do video, para além de aprender (sou um desastre) estive bem atenta aos pinceis que usou, um dos meus handicaps.Ainda bem que através da Mami conheci a filha…
    Vou ser sua seguidora e fiel .Beijinho


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