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The Better Project Team at the St George’s Church

During my first weeks in Brighton, before I even had anyone to go out for coffee with, I met an amazing girl called Lu’Ami. She was wearing large, retro glasses and bright scarlet platform shoes that almost matched the strawberry-blonde-verging-on-Queen-Elizabeth shade of her long hair. She was bright, bubbly and creative and went on to tell me about her blossoming career as a singer. It was bound to be no coincidence, however, that we met at the Brighton Fashion Week Sustainable Catwalk Show.

Lu’Ami writes that her new EP, ‘Better’, “highlights the stages of growth and sends a positive message for those wishing for change and for people going through it”. She started writing it last year after “personal struggles forced me to re-evaluate my ways of dealing with difficulty. Challenging this helped me to see the issues far clearer, helping me to find ways of changing them and becoming happier.” I’m quite sure her statement resounds with many out there – including myself – who are not exactly going through the best of times, but I’ve found that something that makes me feel ‘better’ (pun intended) is usually helping others.

The singer, along with a slew of Brighton’s best and brightest young creatives – ‘fashion designers, garden designers, lighting designers, makeup artists, visual illustrators, dancers and musicians’ are only some of the few listed on their website – are dedicated to showing everyone that we can live sustainably, starting with clothes. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an immersive concert-cum-fashion show at the St. George’s Church here in our own seaside town. 

“I’ve always wanted to incorporate fashion into my music and over the last few years have been developing an interest in sustainable fashion. It feels really exciting that this EP launch will be able to connect with so many elements of creativity that I’m inspired by.” 

The event is non-profit and is also a recent example of a series of performances and creative enterprises recently being put forward by young designers and creators to highlight issues of sustainability in our decaying and unloved Earth and raising awareness to how we can all try to live, well, Better. All the artists involved in The Better Project, as it has been aptly named, are offering their services completely for free to backers of the project in the name of their cause. Also, each ticket bought is a donation and all donations go for the purpose of securing the location for the venue. So the money isn’t going into anyone’s pocket and you’re basically just paying for your entry into an awesome event.

There are a number of prizes available, such as a live private concert by Lu’Ami, a 3d garden illustration design, hollistic beauty products, a haircut, a custom made Kalula Jewellery necklace, a custom made song by Lu’Ami and a digital marketing and PR consultation. They keep adding more and more prizes by the minute, so keep checking their Kickstarter! I will be gong for the prize that includes the Bear Face Industries Ltd. kit for Face, Hair and Beard so I have a nice gift when I visit my boyfriend. 

These are a few of the designers who are going to be showcasing their sustainable fashion design work at The Better Project event:

Amy Ward

Amy Ward

Mimzy Design

Mimzy Design

Rhiannon Hunt

Rhiannon Hunt

Sophie Dunster

Sophie Dunster

 I know this may sound like a total advertisement post, but you know what? I’m not getting paid either. In fact, I’m donating! I don’t think there’s a better way to killing three birds with one stone than supporting this campaign – you get amazing prizes, you get to attend an awesome event and you’re helping both local artists and your planet! 

I will be there as the photographer for the event, helping out my friends and my Mother Earth as well, so come say hi!

Unfortunately the campaign ends on the 19th of March, which is their deadline for securing the venue, so donate now or share this post if you can’t make it to Brighton! All links to the designers involved and their work will be linked down below, but for more information on the prizes and the amazing group of people dedicating themselves to a “better” cause, click here for the campaign page.


Lu’Ami Music ( Website | Facebook )

The Better Project

Sophie Dunster 

Mimzy Design 

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