The Great English Roadtrip – Wilton

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This is it! We survived!

So back in the beginning of June, I went on a road trip through England with my parents, from the 12nd to the 19th. We drove through Salisbury, Glastonbury, the Cotswolds, Dartmoor and Cornwall. It was absolutely amazing and I adored the trip, I had so much fun even though we were always rushing in the mornings and evenings – we changed hotels every night, always got to the hotel around 10PM and had to leave at 10AM, so you can imagine the rush!

I got to see so many things I had on my bucket list, so I’m dedicating a series of posts to this road trip, this being the first of a series. I shot everything with my Canon 5D; I also have two rolls of film that I’ll try to get developed ASAP.

I filmed quite a bit with the canon as well and I will try to edit it into a small video series once I get my work laptop back from the shop.

Now onto the first part of the roadtrip!


Since our first stop was Salisbury but we’d never get there early enough by car to see Salisbury Cathedral (which I did not photograph with my Canon, unfortunately, but will be in the film rolls!), we thought we’d spend the night in a small town that’s part of Salisbury called Wilton. It was so utterly green, quiet and romantic.


While mum called my grandma and rested a bit from being in the car for so long, my dad and I went to see a small church we’d passed on our way to our hotel, The Pembroke Arms.


I know this post is quite short and not that exciting, but this was just the few hours we had left after leaving Brighton! Next post is all about Stonehenge!

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