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Some time ago I was contacted by IrresistibleMe to write up a review of their extensions. Scratch that, a long time ago, but in the mean time I had massive break-outs and a painful break-up along with a very busy Summer season, so I thought it was time to get back on the saddle.

If you saw my previous “Goddess of the Sea” shoot, then you were probably wondering “wait, did she always have hair this long?”. I don’t. And it’s even shorter now.

If you just want to skip my hair biography scroll down to the REVIEW!

This is how it looked like at the time of the shoot:


And this is what it looks like now, even shorter:


Excuse the lack of makeup. Eye infections do that to you.

I’ve never had very long hair. I’m one of those girls cursed with Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length. Mine is perennially stuck at half-chest length, no matter what cut I give it, how much I sleep, how many masks or treatments I used. I just had to accept that I would never have that luscious, long instagram hair so I resorted to keeping it relatively short and shoulder-length. I had thought about extensions before, but I never even considered getting them. Reasons went from “too much trouble” to “everyone’s gonna know it’s not my hair anyway”.

Well now I have a blog, and a YouTube channel, and I’d love to do stuff to my hair and be able to keep a short haircut and still rock a long ‘do whenever I feel like it, without the hassle, extra shampoo, long blowdrying time and split ends that come with having long hair naturally.

Enter IrresistibleMe.

Some time go – scratch that, a very very long time ago, sorry Blair! – IrresistibleMe got in touch with me to review some of their extensions. I’ve never curated my blog much or cared a lot about having “numbers” or making it into a business, so I was very shocked when a brand I already knew quite well contacted me to send me products. I thought I must be crazy.

Review – IrresistibleMe Extensions

IrresistibleMe gave me the chance to pick a length, weight and colour. Their extensions were quite expensive so I’m extremely grateful to have been gifted a pair. I had no idea wigs and extensions could cost so much! I’ve only ever known those cheap plastic party wigs, so when I got the IrresistibleMe extensions in the mail I 100% understood where the price tag came from.

They had a bazillion colours to choose from. My hair is very hard to colour-match – it’s a medium-dark brown, with very very warm undertones and red reflexes. Sometimes it pulls hazelnut, sometimes a deep chocolate.

I got the 18″ 200g Chocolate Brown set of extensions from them and the colour match was absolutely perfect. I mean, just look at these pictures (they are 100% unedited by the way)! The only reason you can tell my natural hair from the extensions is because we were by the seaside and my hair gets very frizzy and curly. But the colour! THE COLOUR!!


The Hair

Very heavy and healthy-looking, with an extremely silky feel to the touch and a semi-glossy look. It doesn’t look “fake” at all (in fact, in the box or just laying on a flat surface they look like a creepy serial killer’s keepsakes) and has the weight, look and feel of completely healthy natural hair. Because the colour and feel is so close to my actual hair (which is quite healthy since I don’t dye it or use styling tools) I could very well just clip them on and leave the house without needing to style them whatsoever.

They feel and look amazing. I did that horribly creepy thing of brushing my extensions and then stroking them for ages before putting them on. They just felt so smooth but in a natural hair way, not a carnival wig way.


Surprisingly very easy. They curl amazingly fast and if I had a bottle of hairspray in the house I can bet they’d hold that curl quite well. In fact they held a very bouncy, tight curl for a good couple of hours without any product in them, but then we got to a very windy location and they flattened out, you know, like actual hair would. With curling I found that they curl a lot faster than my natural hair, which is a bonus since my hair will not curl.

The second I received them I just popped them on my hair kind of half-assedly and tried to pull them up into a ponytail and it worked! After two minutes I had a full head of mermaid hair and that lusted-after Ariana Grande high ponytail that we all crave.


I’ll have to say is quite hard for a first-timer, especially if you’re by yourself. I had never even touched a pair of extensions before so I just looked at them as if I was holding an alien baby from mars. The great thing is that extensions are such a huge trend for vloggers and bloggers nowadays and just people wanting to switch up their hairstyle that it is surprisingly easy to find application tutorials for clip-in extensions. Buzzfeed has a handy guide but they’re also specific application videos on youtube for your type of hair – short hair, thin hair, etc.

Each waft of hair comes with a few clips the same colour of the hair. They’re small but strong and once you click them shut they’re not going anywhere. They don’t budge at all yet they’re very easy to remove. The colour of the seams and clips also makes them completely invisible if they’re applied correctly. It will take you a couple of tries to get them on right the first time (tutorial or no tutorial) and it’s best to have a friend with you to help out at the back if you’re not used to it yet.

Volume & Length

If you go for the 200g that’s more than enough. For the pictures above I only used half of the hair provided! A couple of wafts of hair really do go a long way. Also, I suggest going for the longest you can manage depending on your height (I chose “18 because any longer than that and it would dwarf me since I’m so short); and if you think certain sections are too long, just nip them! But do remember it doesn’t actually grow back. For crazy, luscious volume 200g is amazing, but anything below that you’ll achieve a full but natural look. If you want to get ALL THE OPTIONS!!! then go for the 200g 18” or longer – you won’t regret it.

Pricing & Shipping

IrresistibleMe is based in the USA and I’m in the UK at the moment. I thought it would take ages but they arrived in little over a week! Since I didn’t pay for them and they arrived as a gift I did not have pay customs, so I don’t know how that would work out.

Final thoughts? 

Major self-esteem boost. A load of fun. They make me want to take selfies (which I hate). But most importantly? I don’t have to go through that “awkward mid-length” phase when I’m trying to grow out my hair! If you’re looking for extensions I highly recommend IrresistibleMe. Their shipping is super fast, the hair is outstanding quality and the colour selection is so wide you’re bound to find something that matches you perfectly. The fact that you can choose between different lengths and volumes is also a bonus, as you don’t necessarily have to go for the more expensive ones if you just want nice, fluffy hair that’s a bit longer than yours. Sure, there’s a learning curve if you’ve never worn extensions before, but there’s a first time for everything!

Visit IrresistibleMe to have a look at their full range, and follow them on Twitter for more reviews from other bloggers if you’re deciding whether to purchase or not. They retweet and share social media reviews of their products (they sell heat styling tools too!) all the time.

Question: do I look better with long hair or short hair? Now I can’t decide!

Lots of love,

I xx


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