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The Lazy Food Edit #1

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I never thought I’d ever be writing about food, but y’all asked for this, so y’all are going to get it. A little bit of backstory Skip through this to the terrible phone pictures if you just want the recipes. Though I enjoy going out to eat, trying new restaurants where I live and local cuisine whenever I travel, I’m not very picky with my food and I can’t see the minute differences between something […]

Casa de Pasto

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Decor Feature & Interview with Chef Diogo Noronha   When I was preparing my graduation thesis, I decided to pick a restaurant to photograph for my decor feature; luckily I knew someone – the young, energetic and very talented chef Diogo Noronha. After a long stint at Pedro e o Lobo, an elegant-yet-casual restaurant serving modern takes on very typical Portuguese recipes, he went on to open his own (absolutely fantastic) place, Casa de Pasto. And, with […]

Lisboa, menina e moça – where to eat & where to shop

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Those who know me know that I come from one of the prettiest, most culturally rich cities in the world – Lisbon, Portugal (though I might be a bit biased saying this). Pursuing a future here has never been an option for me because, as of yet, there aren’t many opportunities in the fashion world, but I truly, deeply love this city. It’s filled to the brim with gorgeous architecture, ancient pieces of history, quirky […]