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Real Beauty

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Beauty / Inspiration

Earlier this April, Dove came out with an initiative called Real Beauty Sketches. The idea was to have an artist draw a person without seeing her, based solely on the person’s own description of herself. Then the artist would draw the same person again but based on someone else’s description; in the end, the women are confronted with how they view themselves and how others view them. The difference in the final results is staggering […]

Throwback Sunday

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Inspiration / Photography / Things I make

Technically, it should be Thursday, but it’s a throwback and that’s what matters. While working on a street style project about Lisbon for my graphics class, I realized there weren’t many photos online that I could use. There is one very good blog, nicknamed ‘the portuguese Sartorialist’, and aptly titled O Alfaiate Lisboeta. Other than that, all I managed to do was dig into Yvan Rodic’s pictures of past Lisbon Fashion Weeks and I was […]

The Thought

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I will not write a poem for you, because a poem, even the loveliest, can only do what words can do – stir the air, and dwindle, and be at rest. Nor will I hold you with my hands, because the bones of my hands on yours would press, and you’d say after, ‘Mortal was, and crumbling, that lover’s tenderness.’ But I will hold you in a thought without moving spirit or desire or will […]

The Heart of Travelling

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Articles / Inspiration / Travels

I’ve always believed that travelers are inherently different from tourists. Tourists search for something clear and physical, something they can see or experience and keep it in their minds and hearts, something they can cross off a guidebook or have previously researched on Wikipedia. Travelers, I think, are searching for themselves, piece by piece, city by city, until they can fully define themselves, as Socrates once said, as “citizens of the world”. A traveler at heart isn’t […]

Convento dos Capuchos

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Inspiration / Photography / Things I make / Travels

Today was my last free day in Lisbon before I return to my current home city, so I asked my father to visit a fairly unsought monument near the small, antique town of Sintra. It’s called the “Convento dos Capuchos” (Capuchos Convent) and has been nicknamed the “Convent of Cork“. It was abandoned in the 1800s when the monks were kicked out of their dwelling, and was only picked up by a private firm 12 […]

Dior RTW S/S13

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Fashion / Inspiration

This is an ode to Raf Simons. Yes I was at work watching the livestream. So sue me. I lead a cult of Raf Simons (and Haider Ackermann but that will have to wait) and knowing the show was going to be on while I was actually awake, I decided to delay my lunch hour to sit at my desk and cry. Well, I contained my tears, but barely. Raf, if anyone doubted you at […]

Beyond Buckskin – In Defense of Native American Fashion

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Fashion / Inspiration

Okay let’s face it: if you’re not a hipster caucasian, you’ve probably been pissed off or offended by Urban Outfitters at least once. I happen to be a caucasian (who buys from UO but never the house brand) and I’ve found some of their stuff really offensive – especially their propensity to appropriate other cultures into their collections and call them their own. Call it a ‘tribute’, if you will, but ‘Navajo-style’ is apparently all […]

Hermès & Olivia Bee

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Art / Fashion / Inspiration

18-year-old photographer and blogger Olivia Bee has an amazing creative soul. Browsing through her work is like watching a fairytale happen right before your eyes. Her photos are something like old-time fables but with a modern, fresh and sometimes irreverent charm. Forest lights, tousled pink hair, babydoll dresses, balloons and an eerie, dreamy quality that both detaches you from reality and sends you right into an innocent girl’s mind. Olivia Bee has developed her own […]