Golden Wolves Against Pro-Ana Blogs

Golden Wolves is joining the Vogue Italia initiative against blogs or media promoting anorexia or other eating disorders.

We want to show support to everyone who is suffering from these issues and we want to be available for those people 24/7. There is huge pressure from the media and peers to be as skinny as humanly possible and this pressure begins when you are very young; this can lead to disastrous effects on your psyche. You honestly believe that you are not thin enough and you starve yourself or go to other means to achieve an unhealthy and unrealistic result. This shouldn’t happen.

You are young and beautiful; this does not depend on what size you wear. Runway models shouldn’t be your standard of beauty! Women come in all sizes and shapes – curvy, thick, thin, skinny, wide hips, narrow hips, small breasts, big breasts. It is okay to want to modify your body to feel better about yourself but anorexia is never the answer and, let’s face it, a lot of stuff tastes a lot better than skinny feels.

Love yourself and accept yourself the way you are. You were born like that for a reason!

If you ever feel like your confidence is wavering, that you need to starve yourself to look good, that you’re not good enough the way you are, that your body disgusts you… we are here for you.

Golden Wolves is available to you 24/7. Comment on this page any time that you don’t feel that swell about yourself. We will answer.

And if you are ever in that deepest, darkest of places that you feel you can’t claw out of, feel free to e-mail me directly.

If you support the battle against pro-ana blogs and want to show your support to young people out there, comment on this page with your positive thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Golden Wolves Against Pro-Ana Blogs

  1. Portia

    I love eating too much to ever give it up but the thought of starving myself certainly isn’t very far from my mind either. The reason? Pictures of thin models everywhere – pictures which, in fact, have been photoshopped to epic proportions.

    When I prevent myself from eating just because I think I need to be thinner, I feel awful because there is a very strong sensation of NOT LOVE.

    We all love to be loved. Every living organism responds positively to love.

    Starving yourself is most often motivated by a lack of love for yourself but ask yourself this – why did you want to become thinner in the first place?

    You wish to become beautiful, am I right? And why do you wish to be beautiful? So that you may be loved or even more loved.

    Please realise that you do not have to look a certain way or behave a certain way in order to be loved.

    People who ask you to do that are sadly mistaken about what love truly is and they need to be educated.

    You are not the one who needs to change.

    Indeed, the best way for you to educate them is to feel good about yourself, regardless of whether you project the image they of you.

    Write here if you need support. There are people who do not require you to be a certain way before they give you love. Unconditional love is given freely here. You are safe.

  2. Anny

    Once I was ill and couldn’t eat for several days. So I woke up one morning and my stomach was flat. Completely, and utterly flat. It was awesome, and in that moment I realised why people starve themselves. I also realised that if it takes me days of starvation to get to that point, that means it’s something no one should ever do to themselves willingly or by pressure from others. Since that day I’ve just accepted the way I look, and if I want to get in better shape, I know that exercise is the way I’ll go, but I will for sure never starve myself.

    Also, to everyone who thinks they’re not good enough; you are. I know you don’t believe it, but there are plenty of people who love the way you look, and more important, love the way you are as a person. Those are the people you want to hang around, those are the kind of people worthy of your time and effort.


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