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PHOTOSHOOT | Neon Sunset

It’s that time of the year again when Caterina from asks me to take pictures of her for her blog, and I decide to do her makeup to match her clothing. I’m quite shocked at how well this look turned out considering it was completely unplanned – I just knew I wanted to use… Continue reading PHOTOSHOOT | Neon Sunset


One Day of English Summer

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time in the UK is that if the sun peeks out of the clouds for one day, everyone will run out in shorts and flip-flops and sit at the beach having beer or sunbathe in parks. I decided to do something different take my 5D Mark III out for… Continue reading One Day of English Summer

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PREVIEW | Ewelina

I’m trying to work on as many portfolio shoots as possible so I have a larger body of work to hold on to when I finish my MA. Sadly, I don’t always have time to edit pictures right away and it’ll probably take me quite a long time to get to all of these. So… Continue reading PREVIEW | Ewelina

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Hadn’t shot digital in such a long time! My new friend Caterina from Kateidoscope asked me to take some pictures of her for her blog (go and check it out, she’s one of those cool, serious, stylish bloggers). Here are some of my favourites. Brighton is a really nice set for this kind of photoshoot… Continue reading Caterina

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MYZAR – A Small Universe

The retail world in Rome is pretty harsh. If you’re looking to buy clothing and accessories, you have either big brand names lined up on Via Condotti or Zara and H&M on Via del Corso. So it’s either high fashion or high street. In my years here it’s something that I’ve always felt was missing,… Continue reading MYZAR – A Small Universe

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Under the Lilac Trees

Spring is finally here, with some bouts of rain… and allergies. I was lucky enough to be visited by my dear friend Tanya, who happened to be in need of some new photos. Here are a couple of my favourites! We shot these at Villa Sciarra in Rome on a very hot afternoon between two days of rain. Make-up, Photography… Continue reading Under the Lilac Trees