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Digital Diaries | Paris Cityscapes & Architecture

For my second post in the Digital Diaries series, I have quite a few pictures of Paris, so I decided to split them into Cityscapes and close-up shots. I have posted a lot of 35mm film photographs of my September vacation in Paris with Gabriele on my Travels categoryย which are far, far prettier but, as… Continue reading Digital Diaries | Paris Cityscapes & Architecture

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Paris #1 – Curiosities, Textures, Details

Still waiting for the positive scans and the final film from Paris but decided to keep this regular posting thing up and, again, divide things into themes. Since I really want to make a post dedicated to the more landscape/architectural-type pictures I took whilst in Paris, I thought it would be a decent idea to… Continue reading Paris #1 – Curiosities, Textures, Details

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Gabri in Paris

Another portrait series. Since I’m dividing my rolls of film from Paris – three are done, one has to be scanned and the other one still needs to be developed (no idea what’s in there) – I decided to go with themes. As you probably (don’t) know, I just moved from Rome to Brighton (UK)… Continue reading Gabri in Paris

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The Paris Odyssey (or How Everything Went Wrong And It Was All Very Funny)

Since I have been told lately people thoroughly enjoy the more ‘personal’ posts I put up here, I thought I would tell you all a story. Mainly, a story that continues to cause amusement between me and Ana to this day, after a year has gone by. Our ~*~most wonderful day~*~ in Paris. (It gets… Continue reading The Paris Odyssey (or How Everything Went Wrong And It Was All Very Funny)