One Day of English Summer

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time in the UK is that if the sunย peeks out of the clouds forย one day, everyone will run out in shorts and flip-flops and sit at the beach having beer or sunbathe in parks. I decided to do something different take my 5D Mark III out for… Continue reading One Day of English Summer

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VLOG | A Week in Lisbon + LIFE UPDATE

Hello everyone! Long time no see. I went home for Easter break, as I probably mentioned before, and then I spent about a week in Rome with very limited internet access. While I was there I managed to upload a video (wahey!). You get to see my fabulous family, my dogs and my best friend… Continue reading VLOG | A Week in Lisbon + LIFE UPDATE

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Digital Diares – Paris Moments & Details

Travelling isn’tย just about getting on airplanes, buying souvenirs and taking pictures (ironically). Travelling is about breathing new air, experiencing great moments, and bringing back with you not keychains but memories. These pictures are artefacts of history, bookmarks of a thrilling page in your life, not postcards to show others the local monuments and landscapes. They’re… Continue reading Digital Diares – Paris Moments & Details

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Gabri in Paris

Another portrait series. Since I’m dividing my rolls of film from Paris – three are done, one has to be scanned and the other one still needs to be developed (no idea what’s in there) – I decided to go with themes. As you probably (don’t) know, I just moved from Rome to Brighton (UK)… Continue reading Gabri in Paris

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Summer of ’14 – Lisbon, 35mm

Hello world, long time no see! I’ve been busy trying to find something to do with this horrid BA – Masters hiatus, so I ended up forgetting the little things that make me happy: long walks, architecture, photography and this blog. I just noticed I never posted the pictures I took when the man of… Continue reading Summer of ’14 – Lisbon, 35mm