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JOURNAL | Six Goals for 2016

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Over half of this year has already gone by in a very painful flash. So many people I admired, for either their talent, their genius or their kindness, have passed this year leaving me with a growing list of Dead Idols™. A lot of things have happened since January – new friends have come and gone, arguments have blown up and fizzed into thin air, we’ve suffered a major loss in the family – and […]

VLOG | A Week in Lisbon + LIFE UPDATE

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Hello everyone! Long time no see. I went home for Easter break, as I probably mentioned before, and then I spent about a week in Rome with very limited internet access. While I was there I managed to upload a video (wahey!). You get to see my fabulous family, my dogs and my best friend in this one. I always toyed with the idea of vlogging one of my “triangle trips” – London/Lisbon/Rome/London – and […]

New Beginnings

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I know, I know. I’ve been gone for ages. It’s now 2016 and this blog has been active for around three years. That’s great and all, but three years is a long time – especially when your life gets completely turned on its head in just a couple of months and you suddenly become a different person, with a different life. I’ve changed, so I’ve decided it’s time this blog changed with me. Throughout the […]

Between Rome and Florence – BW 35mm // Personal Update

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Photography / Travels

It’s so close, you just can’t help going back. I know I’ve been neglecting this thing I call a blog – first because of my thesis, then Summer vacation and now being very busy with work and applying for a postgraduate degree – but I have a lot of 35mm stuff piled up in folders. I’ll be sure to post them within the next few days, including pictures in the Marche region of Italy, more […]

When You’re Alone

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If we were to look past the possibilities of chemical experiments taken to an extreme (or acts of magic and potion-making) and focus solely on the factual present, we’d probably come to believe that alcohol is our very own truth serum. Friends forbid you from calling or texting the person you like when you’re drunk – because everyone knows you’ll be honest, maybe too honest, when you’re not quite in control of yourself. Lately I’ve […]

The Paris Odyssey (or How Everything Went Wrong And It Was All Very Funny)

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Since I have been told lately people thoroughly enjoy the more ‘personal’ posts I put up here, I thought I would tell you all a story. Mainly, a story that continues to cause amusement between me and Ana to this day, after a year has gone by. Our ~*~most wonderful day~*~ in Paris. (It gets really long but it’s worth reading, trust me. I don’t know why I haven’t had this published or at least […]

Nothing, Everywhere.

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Oh, how I wish I had nothing to write about. Instead, I have everything. Pages, books, hours, days full of scrambled words in mismatched sentences, recurrent themes, secondary characters who come and go. When I was little, I loved to draw. I drew dresses. I decided I wanted to become a fashion designer. That didn’t turn out quite as expected. When I turned eight, I visited London for the first time, and decided I would […]

Who’s There?

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It’s now been over a year that I started this blog. I wish I could give you a proper logical reason or an inspirational story behind its birth but, quite honestly, I can’t even remember how it all began (if you’ve been following it from the start, maybe you know better than I do). I was recently asked about the title – where I got the idea, if there was any meaning behind it – […]