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Sustainable Fashion @ Brighton Fashion Week pt. 1

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Friday I had the great pleasure of being able to attend the “Sustain” catwalk show at Brighton Fashion Week. I am one of those positive-minded people that firmly believe that the concept of “fashion week” has become more democratic in the last couple of years, with the Milan-NY-Paris-London squad losing a little bit of power as people are becoming more and more aware of emerging young talents from other parts of the world. I first started […]

CLOUDS – IED Roma Graduate Show

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It would be the understatement of the year to say that time really does fly. From January to June, six months felt like six weeks and February seems like yesterday. But this is it – my second year is over, Summer is upon us and I’m already being asked to think about my graduation thesis. If it had been anywhere else, time would have been painfully dragging me behind itself, but here it’s as if […]

Prada: 1960s and 2030

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Let’s establish one thing – coats do things to me. Good menswear coats, tailored, with a perfect cut and a flawless fit, give me chills and make me sigh like a twelve-year-old schoolgirl staring longingly at her older-boy crush. After the overload of bright prints and early 20th century elegance from last year’s F/W collection, Prada seems to have decided on a return to minimalism and structure not only for the women, but also the […]