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Digital Diaries | Paris Cityscapes & Architecture

For my second post in the Digital Diaries series, I have quite a few pictures of Paris, so I decided to split them into Cityscapes and close-up shots. I have posted a lot of 35mm film photographs of my September vacation in Paris with Gabriele on my Travels categoryΒ which are far, far prettier but, as… Continue reading Digital Diaries | Paris Cityscapes & Architecture

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Silver Oceans

The yearly exotic travel destination for the Summer of 2014 were the Philippines. It was probably one of the most tranquil and uneventful trips I’ve ever done with my family, since it was shorter than usual and my parents decided to stick to the beach and avoid cities. We did visit Manila for a couple… Continue reading Silver Oceans


Where The River Meets The Sea

In 1998, the World Expo was held in my hometown – Lisbon. I was 7 years old at the time and even though I barely remember anything from my childhood, I still have very clear and fond memories of the days when I visited the then-Expo. The theme of that year was ‘Oceans’, which is… Continue reading Where The River Meets The Sea

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Summer of ’14 – Lisbon, 35mm

Hello world, long time no see! I’ve been busy trying to find something to do with this horrid BA – Masters hiatus, so I ended up forgetting the little things that make me happy: long walks, architecture, photography and this blog. I just noticed I never posted the pictures I took when the man of… Continue reading Summer of ’14 – Lisbon, 35mm